ATI Radeon9800 XT - Color hair lines across screen on and off

By gorski978
Aug 19, 2005
  1. I recently built a PC on a budget. I got Abit KV7-V mobo with Athlon xp 2800+, 1gb ddr400 ram, and 160gb sata raid and Nvidia FX5500 all for about $400.

    The Nvidia was not the best on games and Doom3 was a chalenge. I replaced it with some wacky knock of e-bay deal card having the radeon9800 xt chip w/256 ram

    I have a 19" LCD 12ms DVI input monitor and using the DVI inputs and with the Radeon9800XT I can run games very well and 2d is great as well. Problem I keep having is that when I switch from games to my desktop I get color hair lines buzzing across the whole screen (like interference of sort, or bad refresh rate) and to remedy that I have to switch the refresh rate from 60hz to 75hz and it goes away. Than it starts again when switching from games and sometime just on its own and I have to go from 75hz to 60hz and it goes away. I'm going nuts from this ! I have tried all possible drivers, included ones (junk) Ms native ones and the latest Catalyst drivers, all do the same ! I have receded the card, I have an extra fan under it (ram runs pretty hot even with heat sink) still keeps doing it !

    I have the VIA chipset which I see some of you guys said may have some issues with win XP Pro and radeon cards. Abit KV7-V has BIOS 15 out I have 13 but I hate flashing BIOS (got burned !) but I was going to anyway, however I did not see any of these issues addressed when reading the BIOS 15 fixes. I have the latest VIA chipset drivers on XP pro (I hope) dated 7/2/2003 (the agp controler3.0 driver in DM)

    I'm at a conclusion that I have gimped card ! Mom said I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things, gues she may be right ($137 for the card)

    Is there anything else to try ?? anyone, anyone ?

    thanks in advance,

  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Have you tried a different driver for the card?

    Is the monitor changing refresh rates on you? If so the monitor is suspect.
  3. gorski978

    gorski978 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    9800 xt

    i did try three different drivers and I do not think it is the monitor as I had the nvdiafx5500 using dvi inputs in the PC and never had this problem, only slower performance in games...

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