ATI readies 'Radeon Xpress'

By Phantasm66
Sep 29, 2004
  1. ATI is busy getting ready to ship its first round of PCI Express chipsets this month, first for AMD processors and then for Intel. The chipsets have been launched under a new brand, "Radeon Xpress."

    -Radeon Xpress 200G and 200P (RS480 and RX480) will be out in October.

    -Radeon Xpress chipsets for Intel processors will appear in November, with RV370 graphics cores.

    -In April 2005, ATI will follow up with two chips with the RS482.

    -The RC400 will be updated to the RC410 in April 2005.

    -In 2006, we will likely get a new version pitched directly at Longhorn.
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