ati video bios poller: ati2evxx.exe---app error. Any ideas?

By foycur
Dec 3, 2005
  1. Recently, I have found that when I turn on my PC my monitor (VGA) does not want to turn on. My mobo does not have onboard video, so there's nothing to disable. I've got the sapphire 9800 pro, as you can see in my signature. I opened up my case, reset the power plug into the back of the card in case it was loose, and I got an error on the windows login screen with the above title at the top, with

    the instruction at 0x7c93426d referenced memory at 0x305f322e. the memory could not be read

    so, are they referring to video memory or RAM? I had four 512 MB sticks in my board and it was doing all kinds of crazy stuff, so I used memtest and found that some sticks were either bad or the board just didn't like four sticks in.

    And, in case I have to replace this thing, does NVIDIA play nice with the intel 865 chipset that my board has on it?
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