ATITool can't recognize my X1800GTO

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I had my X1800GTO overclocked with ATITool before, but since I have reformatted and re-installled the latest drivers and chipset drivers (and every extra driver I had used before) I tried to overclock again but ATITool just gives me a blank look:

Core freq: 0.0
Mem freq: 0.0

I then uninstalled the ati drivers and installed the latest omega drivers to see if that helped but I got the same blank look. Then I tried Ati Tray Tools overclocking, which didn't work and also the Overclocker overclocker (if that isn't too confusing) to no avail. Yet, all of my games work fine (CS:Source, DOD:Source).

But, with my old AGP 9600PRO 256mb I got atleast 25fps on medium settings on DOD:Source and obviously more with my X1800GTO, but now since the reformat, I am lucky to get 20fps on the lowest settings you can have.

What I'm asking is:

Is my X1800GTO broken?
Have I used bad drivers?
Is it something to do with the chipset drivers?
And many, many more questions.


Any reply is appreciated.

P.S. I have an:
Intel Skt 478 P4V800D-X Asus AGP/PCI-E hybrid motherboard
Intel 2.2Ghz CPU
550w 24 Pin PSU
512mb DDR 400Mhz Mem
Crappy 5400rpm IDE 40Gb HDD


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I suggest roll-back your drivers.... or simply install an older version. Since this all happened after you renewed your drivers, I'm willing to bet that is your problem.
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