Atx feature not working

By globalgoldie
May 1, 2006
  1. i have a ti 810s intellect series(tiga)..motherboard wic p3... and im using xp as my os.
    i have a atx power supply but still my atx feature is not working..when i shutdown,it still shows me 'its now safe to shutdown ' and i have to press the on/off button to switch it off... what i m looking for is inmfr on what all i have to configure in order to use the atx feature....
    settings in bios?
    do i need ne particular drivers as well??

    i have recently hooked the motherboard wid all the ports,ram,b'cos had to remove everything earlier on due to some problem.. i might have not put on some cables at the right confused wid those jumpers which have "IDE LED,POWER,SPEAKER,RESET,etc " on them..
    so what all issues can b there if the atx function is not working..pls provide me wid the all the information so i can use atx feature.

  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    Enter the BIOS by pressing the required entry key at startup and look under the Power Management Setup menu.

    Make sure that ACPI Function is enabled.

    If you don't have a manual for your motherboard, identify it, visit its manufacturer's site and download a PDF copy.

    You will find the information on how to connect the LED cables in it.

    If the cable is connected the wrong way around the LED won't work, so just connect it the other way around.
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