Audigy 2 - Hardwarebuffer?

By Milamber
May 27, 2003
  1. Hi all!

    I just bought my Audigy 2 and now am facing grave problems:

    While in my OS (XP Pro) the soundcard appears to be functioning, but sometimes the sound is not clear and you can hear static noises.

    The BIG Problem however is that somehow the card isn'T initialised correctly:
    DxDiag tells me that the card doesn't have a HARDWARE BUFFER!!!
    Creative Diagnostics isn't able to play a wave file.
    serious sam 2nd ed., warcraft III, etc... don't allow EAX.. because the card is not initialised / no directSound driver is installed.

    BUT i installed dx 9.0a, the latest audigy drivers, switched PCI placing and.... well everxthing i could think of!

    any help is appreciated!!!

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