Audigy 5.25 drive bay jacks -Help!!

By joep0
Aug 30, 2007
  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm new to this fourm, my name is Joe, nice to meet everyone -blah blah blah.. haha
    I have been a reader for a little while but just made an account bc i need some help.
    I roommate decided he wanted a new comp, so i obliged to build it for him. He's a big audiophile, so he got some nice speakers and what i think was a Audigy 2 ZS (i can find out for sure but im not at home right now, im doing this instead of paying attention in class) with has a 5.25 bay jacks. Everything put together fine, no problems cept one. The damn bay won't work no matter what i try! I'm pretty sure it's all hooked up fine to the sound card, and im pretty sure i got the latest drivers but i'm at a loss for ideas what to do. I put it off for a couple months (oops) and my roomie has been gettin on me to try to find a solution. Anyone else with the same problem or with any helpful advice? you'd make me and esp. my roomie very happy.

    Thanks in advance,
    Joe P.
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