Audio driver and MCE confusion

By Nukey
Feb 24, 2006
  1. Hey there,

    I have a little problem. I currently have a DFI LanParty nF4 Ultra-D motherboard but the audio doesn't seem to work. I have the case audio plugged in and that seems to work okay, but after taking it to PC World this is how they concluded it:

    Fault: Unexpected fault
    Test sound ports
    22.02.06 Nitin: Customer has got a copy of Media centre installed on non-
    propriety hardware. Media Centre will only work on propriety hardware it
    was loaded onto. Customer brought a standard motherboard from store
    22.02.06 Nitin: and attempted to load media centre sound drivers onto it.
    Naturally, the sound drivers will not load onto a standard motherboard as it
    requires special media centre drivers which a standard motherboar
    22.02.06 Nitin: does not possess. Customer adviced to collect p.c. at

    This is a word for word transcription from the docket.

    The sound does not work at the back of the board but the case audio, wired up to the audio component on the board, works fine.

    I have tried nVidia's drivers as well as the Realtek drivers that came on the CD with the board, and neither can producd sound round the back. Surely if it were a driver issue would there be no sound at all? not even from the case? Device Manager reads that everything is fine, but I can not understand because all I thought Media Center Edition was just XP Professional with a bundled media player :confused:

    The drivers I have been using have been generic manufacturer's drivers for XP Professional.

    I have no idea what to do. Any ideas? thanks! :)

    Also when the computer came back I found out while it was in PC World's posession they had been viewing highly pornographic material on the machine. I recovered over 20 movies that they had placed on there, and there was loads of listings in Winamp's recent items list which they never removed. Me and my boyfriend were highly disgusted and sickened at that! It looks like they have fobbed me off...
  2. Nukey

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    Any one? please? :(
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