audio driver problem

By ravi_pothula
Sep 25, 2007
  1. hi guys.....this is ravi a new member in this community...i am facing a serious problem vth my audio device when i hav an voice chat thru yahoo or even gtalk.
    i.e, when i call n talk, the other persons are not able to listen my voice but i can hear them. so i need to change the propeties of my audio mixer drivers i.e, by default "realtek audio output" is being selected...n if i change it to "realtek audio input" and marken the 'mic volume' then the other person whom i called are able to hear me.
    by doing this...its being shown on yahoo messenger tht ur microphone is being muted....still i am able to talk n listen vth other persons whom i hav called
    similarly i hav to change the settings for recording a sound clip on sound recorder.....

    my PC configuration is:

    INTEL D101GGc
    160GB HDD

    plss help me out frm this problem guyzz.....[:(]
    i am not able to understand whether it is the problem vth headphones or my motherboard drivers....i am totally confused vth this[:(]
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Your problem may have as much to do with memory as to Sound.
    I would suspend or remove your audio drivers in the device manager, then download and install new drivers. I think you need to replace the drivers to rule them out as part of the problem.
    Then I would check all your sockets related to audio, because using incorrect sockets is one of the most common of all computer user problems.
    Then I would go back to your Sounds and Audio Devices in the Control panel, and Restore the Default Settings.
    Once you have it working in Default mode, you can re-establish the setup you prefer.
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