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Dec 19, 2006
  1. hey guys,

    i recently purchased a hp dv9000 laptop that has onboard sound/graphics and have used it completely fine without any issues for about a month now. the issue that comes into place is where i try to play a dvd/cd on it, and the audio is really choppy.

    i have tried updating the sound driver, tried a rollback of the driver, uninstalling the dvd drive, and reinstalling it, have removed all traces of spyware and any progs running in the background as well as at startup. i have also lowered the video acceleration, as well as playing around with the sound settings.

    the other issue is that the sound although turned up high, sounds lower. for this on top of the aforementioned troubleshooting, i have tried using external desktop speakers.

    None of this troubleshooting has helped one bit.

    Is there anyone out there who may have any other suggestion to help fix the issue i am having?

    Thanks very much, in advance guys.
  2. dopefisher

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  3. Fitzmax2k

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    I think we are in the same boat. I hope some one out there can help with audio issues on a dell inspiron 8600 laptop. can't get anything to play.
  4. antjscott

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    heya... well i tested another dvd rom drive in the laptop and it worked fine, went through all the stock standard troubleshooting, and after trying that, and having another drive work fine, i deduced that it must've been the drive that had stopped being able to read the disk's properly, and i'm still waiting on a replacement drive!!!! however once recieved i am confident that it shall work fine. the reason why i have not replied with a post before now is because it took too long for anyone to reply, so i just continued with my own troubleshooting. thanks anyway dopefisher.
  5. tweakboy

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    Latest mobo drivers, proper audio drivers,, enable in BIOS,, and plug in proper hole,
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