Audio not the same anymore since I changed soundcard drivers.

Feb 6, 2003
  1. In desperate need of help

    Someone told me to update my sound drivers, to maybe fix a mic problem which i did, and so i installed the newest 2k/xp drivers (im using 2k), for sound blaster live !, and after i installed them, my sound is totaly different than what im used to, no matter how much i try to configure it, i still cant get the same sound i got with my original drivers. So i tried add/removing the new drivers, and the sound is still the same. Maybe all of the new drivers wernt deleted, but i dont know why its doing this. So i put in my original sound blaster live cd, installed that, and still, same sound. PLEASE HELP. all i want to do is get my old, original drivers back. Thanks
  2. Vehementi

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    Oh man what an informative topic. This will help people who have the same problem as you to find their solutions.

    What exactly is different about the new sound? Quality? You may have some EAX Environment enabled - either you did then or you do now. Or some equalizer settings jumbled around.
  3. Rick

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    This top is not ONLY in the wrong forum, but has a very bad title. I'm going to move this thread to audio/video.
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