Audio out of two soundcards at once?

By ArcshinE
Aug 12, 2006
  1. Hey there,

    I've recently bought new Surround Sound Headphones from Zalman, and wanting to use them on my built in Surround Sound Card that came on my Motherboard. I have another stand-alone Sound Card (SoundBlaster Live! 5.1) in my AGP slot that's currently hooked up to my Surrond Sound System (Headphones can't plug into the system, not enough outputs).

    So I was wondering if there was a way that I could run audio (the same audio) out from my pc to both the cards at the same time. Instead of restarting the computer everytime I want to switch which card I want the audio to come out of.
  2. Nodsu

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    Erm.. You don't have to restart your computer. In most programs you just choose your preferred audio output device in the preferences. And you can set the Windows default device in Control Panel.
  3. kwlandry

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    As it was hard for me to find an answer so I thought I would add to this thread for others to find.
    I just found an obscure reference to Winamp with the "Multiple Outputs" plugin, installed it and it works a dream.

    I can select as many outputs as I like (choosing was not completely intuitive but I either luckily chose correctly or it was so intuitive I missed it altogether) and the source I am playing, either CD, online radio, MP3s, whatever, instantly and with quite high quality plays over my laptop speakers, my remote speakers and the FM Broadcast USB attachment that broadcasts on 99.1FM for about 30 feet radius on my property, all at the same time.

    I can now roam to wherever I like and continue to hear that radio program, podcast, whatever, without interruption. Yes!

    Couldn't ask for a better solution

    For other searches I've seen I'd recommend "QuickSoundSwitch", a freeware app that allows me to simply select one soundcard versus another and instantly switches my system to use that card. Perhaps minor, but useful still.
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