audio problem in winxp + sibelius 4

By vicodin83
Mar 18, 2006
  1. hi everyone, its been a while hope someone may be able to help

    basically ive got a problem with sibelius 4, that it dosen't actually load up, the blue screen comes up and the startup sound plays, but the program dosen't actually load. i rang sibelius tech support and they said it would be an issue with me running 2 soundcards, sblive-4 soundfonts+ game port, just to clear that up:) + terratec 24/96 for audio.

    both are working fine in cubase sx2, and everything else i think, but when i go to control panel > sound and audio device, the volume tab says i have no audio device installed , the other tabs still show the correct divices and evreything else works fine, its just the volume and advanced buttons are greyed.

    ive done the usual things, swapped pci ports + reinstalled drivers (terratec gives me a blue screen of death,ews88wdm.sys error) but still no luck.

    any advice :?:

    cheers in advance
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