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Dec 17, 2006
  1. Hello everyone, I have a very odd problem. My sound card has stopped working, or there is a problem with it. Whenever I open iTunes it tells me it has detected a problem with my audio configuration. Whenever I try to play a song in Windows Media Player it doesn't play it say's there is a problem with my sound device. What is odd is my computer is fairly new, 1 year old, so everything is compatible. It just started to do this, and everything was working before. When I open up my Audio Manager and I try to test my sound. IT WORKS!!! I don't get it, music doesn't work but the Audio Manager does. Plz help, its driving me nuts. Thank-you.
  2. Teaser261

    Teaser261 TS Rookie Posts: 121

    Have you tried rolling your machine back with system restore? Have you recently downloaded the latest version of Windows media player. If so, there is your culprit. Restore to previous point and try it. Any other recent changes that you've made? I downloaded IE7 not to long ago and it made everything thing on my machine act buggy. I had to restore and go back to IE6.
  3. Benz2002

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    I am such an *****, this whole time I never looked at my default device. It was a modem thing, not my speakers. Anyways I fixed it, thank you for replying, btw.
  4. TimeParadoX

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    You still use IE Teaser? :haha: get FireFox!

    Well glad you fixed it Benz!! :D
  5. Teaser261

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    Nah, I can it the next day. I tried firefox once, I liked it , but can't remember why I dumped it? I gotta lay off the Miller Lites.:haha:
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