Audio Recording Questions

By zoso626
Feb 3, 2005
  1. Me and my band got together some material and are looking to record it. I have 2 main questions.
    1.I apparantly have Realtek AC97 audio. Im not sure if this means i have a soundcard or if its integrated in my mobo. This is a new computer that was a gift and i know very little of whats in it at the moment.
    2.We have Reason to help us get effects etc, any recommendations as to recording software. We are thinking Sonar or Cubase.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    Realtek AC97 is an onboard stereo chip. Both Sonar and Cubase are cool but you'r gonna get frustrated with only 2 inputs (stereo L & R). You'll wanna get into some multi-channel hardware. DigiDesign is the most common. M Audio makes some good stuff too. This hardware almost comes with some flavor of usable software.
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