Audio skipping problem on laptop

By Atwooooood
Jan 22, 2008
  1. so a few days ago i made a post in the video and audio forum about all media on my laptop skipping, how it skipped and popped and i thought that it was a hardware issue, that my soundcard was bad or something.
    well the wireless internet had also beed acting up, it would drop the internet connection after about 10 minutes and it couldnt reconnect so i would just shut it down.
    well i plugged the laptop straight to the router with the ethernet cord and the audio suddenly stopped skipping and whatnot.
    so ive concluded that the media only skips when the wireless radio is turned on, but once i turn it off and either have no internet connection or just plug an ethernet cord into it, it works just fine.
    what would be causing that issue?
    to me it makes absolutely no sense, but maybe someone out there with more knowledge could help me out.
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