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Jan 12, 2007
  1. Hey, I would like to know if it possible to play audio on two different PCs through LAN and them being sync - like having four speakers instead of two. I don't want Dolby sound or anything like that, just being able two play a song at the same time. I do it manually - select the same songs on both the PCs, and trying to sync them by pressing the Play button at the same time, or in my case a few secs after hitting it on one of my PCs - but its just to hard and time consuming. I tried VLC player but it only streams the audio to the other PC and doesn't play it on the on the PC streaming it. Hope that I didnt confused you all but if I did :confused: , don't hesitate to ask any of your queries. :suspiciou
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    Why ?

    Buy a BIG pair of speakers and a large amplifier, and hope the neighbours dont mind ...

    I use a program called VirtualDJ, it allows you to stream from 1 PC to any amount of PC's on a LAN, the only drawback is that the stream is delayed by about 10 seconds, I cant say I have heard of any software that will do this but there might be.

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    " Why ? " you ask, well friend there isnt any special reason but I just want to be able to do that. :D
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    VLC is capable of this. It can play the stream on both, you just have to force the originating (stream server) to connect to the stream also. Used to use this so we could both watch the same movie, but the sync would slip from time to time. Our solution was hooking up a Hauppauge Media MVP to the TV (in the same room) and using it to play the content from my PC. This device connects to the network and any TV or HT receiver with optical/audio inputs - picked it up for $60USD. Way cheaper than any of the WinMCE devices.
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    Errr 13 days later, where you been..
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    Dude I actually forgot about this thread and only realised that people were replying to this on checking my mail - I was also busy as my university has started. Anyways thanks for noticing and taking the time posting it. Cheers :grinthumb
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