audiodevice error

By Frankms
Feb 19, 2006
  1. My pc has no sound,system information tells me "error" status, "this device cannot start". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. What else can i do ?
  2. seanp789

    seanp789 TS Enthusiast Posts: 111

    more information would help, such as what sound card, what
    OS, was the sound working before and then stopped? etc...
  3. Frankms

    Frankms TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have c media ac 97 audio device, the sound was "slow" for the past month or so, then it just stopped working one day when i started up. All windows xp updates are current.
    Driver is c windows system 32, 1.30 MB, all hardware & components show OK under system information except the audio device which shows "error 10"
  4. seanp789

    seanp789 TS Enthusiast Posts: 111

    Well, there is the possibility that it is just dead and there is no fix. You could disable it in bios and buy a new sound card.

    If you want to try to fix still these are my suggestions:

    check bios make sure that the device is active(sounds like it is), look for a setting that says "plug and play OS" and set to yes. Check your IRQ settings, disable anything you dont use(serial port, IR port, etc..). You can try to altenate manual setting and auto setting the IRQ on the soundcard.

    Make sure both your motherboard firmware and the drivers you are trying to install are up to date. disable antivirus during install.

    If you have intel inegrated gfx, they have been known to cause strange problems with other drivers. I think updates are available.

    good luck.

    PS - what does "slow" sound sound like?
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