Aureal Vortex 8810 Sound card running XP keeps bugging out

By antimatter
Feb 22, 2006
  1. Hey, thats the sound card I got! It wors for about 5 minutes after a reboot, but sure enough after some windows event like opening a new application or swapping windows or something it just goes dead! and you don't hear anything else unless you reboot.

    Does anybody recognise this pattern? Any ideas??

    plz HELP!!!!!
  2. Helixeagle

    Helixeagle TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Hmm, maybe you need updated drivers, i remember that the Vortex sound cards had little problems with XP, Vortex main website doesnt exsist any more so try:

    and search for your sound card, update the drivers to the latest you can, and try again, sorry i can't help more <-- i think this is yours?

    EDIT: im not even sure there was a solution to this XP issue, if above doesnt work try maybe rolling back the drivers to 2000, or let the card install the drivers itself though plug and play...

    Ultimatly if none of this works, a new Sound card won't be far from the solution, Vortex have problems with XP unfortunatly...
  3. antimatter

    antimatter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Arrrgh worst fear confirmed

    Yip I am going to have to agree with you I've been to this site and tried to update driver but it was already the latest.
    I believe yuo are correct in your suspicion that Vortex and XP just don't work together. I got hte card from TradeME(like ebay) now I know why the guy was selling!!
    Thanks for the tip, will be going back to trademe methinks!!

    cheers!! :)
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