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auto restart problem

By chirag_gajjar
Aug 5, 2005
  1. Whenever i am using heavy load applications, especially writting cd, copying cd onto my comp. or creating its image, the system restarts with a blue screen for few seconds. The process like copying cd or crating image continues for about 20-50% and then the system restarts. Could it be the hardware problem?
    Please help me out.
  2. arroyos

    arroyos TS Rookie

    need help..

    i got a new pc where my specs is AMD sempron 2600, 512 ram apacer, triplex ati radeon 9550 256MB card....

    i couldnt play games like UEFA2005 and underground 2 with this new system..these games work fine with my old system..

    i got all updated driver ati catalyst 5.7 , latest motherboard driver..

    anyone ,pls help me?i m desperate to solve this.
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