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Feb 24, 2005
  1. hi ppl... i have a small problem. ever since i bought my pc it had win xp running on it. but there was something that i havn't seen on any other pc running win xp. whenever i started my pc... at the welcome screen it would automatically select my user name and just wait for me to type in my password. i have no other user names running on my pc and the guest user name is disabled. my user name is the admin aswell. but for the past few days this has stopped working. is there anybody who can help me out and tell me what might have happened or what i might have done. i havn't uninstalled anything for the past month or two so i don't believe that could have caused it. plz reply soon.


  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot!

    Screen savers , Fast user switching ,Offline file Sycronization are just a couple of things that can affect the Welcome screen(Turn them off if you don't need/use them).
    It is hard to say exactly what changed the behaviour of your machine, but it would be a good idea to make at least a small difference between the Admin name and the User name .(Don't use spaces in a User name )
    This might be confusing your system ,remember XP is dynamic and does learn some patterns.
    You can make changes to your logon in Control panel >User accounts> advanced tab.
    Set up your Logon for what you prefer after you change the name and see if that makes any difference.
    A little advice ,For security set your logon to "Press Control+Alt+Delete to Logon" this can stop some Trojans and Key-loggers from starting, it only takes an extra step.
    There is also a way to disable the Welcome screen completely.Post back if you want the registry setting for this.
  3. soban

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    i am looking for this too... I realize this is a rather old topic but if anyone knows how to autoselect a user account after logout or sleep mode please tell me.

    I know its possible because on my laptop I had it but I screwed it :D
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Get the XP version of MS Powertoys (free). In there is TweakUi, which can do this for you (Startup tab).
  5. soban

    soban TS Rookie

    thank you for your reply...
    I was searching the whole registry whole night and then I found that I have another user created, probably from the .NET Framework... after I deleted it it worked fine, just like the factory default install...

    Anyways I hope this info will somebody find helpfull...
    cheers! :D
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