Auto Starting a Network Connection

By Hutz4
Dec 4, 2006
  1. Hey,

    I am trying to set up a remote backup from my computer at work to my computer at home...(backup some files on my work computer to my home computer). I would like the backup to start automatically at some time in the early morning (when I'm not using the computer)....anyway, I need an automatic way to start my VPN connection to my work network, then I can do my backup.....I tried using windows scheduler....but it will only start program files....not a network connection.

    Is there a way to use a batch file to start my VPN connection on my home computer?

    Another Idea I had is that you can assign a "shortcut" key to any program/icon.....I can assign a shortcut key to my VPN there away to have windows execute a shortcut key in a batch file? Then I can use windows scheduler to start the batch file.....

    any help would be appriciated....

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