AutoCAD 11 with Windows XP

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Jun 12, 2005
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  1. Hi there
    I am new, and have a problem (well, one that someone here might help with). I have AutoCAD 11 and am trying to configure it through Windows XP. I have tried the compatability wizard. What I need to do is turn off the virtual thing, and I do not know how or am worried about turning it back on. Any help would be appreciated
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  3. jana

    jana TS Rookie Topic Starter

    AutoCAD 11

    Hi, I am new and have a big problem. I received AutoCAD 11 and can't configure it to my WindowsXP because it wants me to turn of of my virtual something that a program is using (Windows?) Then I am afraid I won't be able to turn it on again. I have used the compatible wizard and no go. Please help! :confused:
  4. jana

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    my problem with AutoCAD 11

    Has anyone had success trying to install AutoCAD 11 with Windows XP? I am still trying to figure it out. :wave:
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    That's a pretty old version is it not? I can't even remember back to R.11 - Wasn't this designed to run in Win 3.x?
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    Give up. Won't work. Its a: for DOS and b: 15 years old.

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