Avi files still crashing media player

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Nov 13, 2006
  1. I know that this has been gone over before but i can't seem to find someone who has been in this situtation......I was having the problem with opening certain avi files....windows explorer would crash.... so i tried the start/run regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll, and that fixed windows explorer from crashing but now i can't open the video without winamp or windows media player crashing....I read some different posts on differnet sites but most of those people if they were quick enough could play the vid...where as i can't...any ideas? Any help would be great, thanks!!

    by the way im running xp pro sp2
  2. N-Guy

    N-Guy TS Rookie Posts: 105

    Tried installing the latest codec(s)?
  3. scorpion_1112

    scorpion_1112 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Plz write down specs of ur PC.

    And use Gspot or other codec identifier to know exactly which avi codec is causing the problem. (can be Divx or Xvid... or even uncompressed ones).

    So first we need this much info.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Also, it might be the video card drivers too. If it's a GeForce 6200 or a similar card, then AVIs seem to lock up with the new drivers installed. Try 81.98 if that is the case and it should work fine.
  5. rhodathesubaru

    rhodathesubaru TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My specs are:

    AMD athlon XP 1800+
    1.53 GHz 768 MB RAM
    XP Pro Version 2002 SP2
    200 gb total hardrive (40 on one, 160 on the other)
    Vid card is an ATI Radeon 9600

    Im going to attach some screen shots of my Gspot findings let me know if you need something else...im not sure exactly what you need from the codec idenifier, these two files crashed my windows explorer and winamp/windows media
    codec id.GIF

    View attachment 10584
  6. scorpion_1112

    scorpion_1112 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    k ur PC specs are good enough to run even heavy AVI's.. so its a software problem.

    k from the screenshots, as u c, both the files have Xvid as the 4cc code, so only Xvid or Divx are causing crashes?

    First try this,

    Instead opening file directly from the folder where the file is stored, first open the player(like winnamp etc) and then browse to that file and try playing it.

    If the file plays like this then it means files are okay, problem is with windows avi detector.

    If not, then u might have to re-install ur Xvid codec and software or even check the files for consistency on other pc.

    So just tell us if ur able to play the videos using this method.
  7. SNGX1275

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    You could also play them in VLC.
  8. rhodathesubaru

    rhodathesubaru TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I downloaded the VideoLAN player that SNGX suggested and that played them just fine... and i tried Scorpion's suggestion of open the file by browsing off of the media player and that still crashes winamp....but now i at least have something that plays my vids. Thanks for all the help and suggestions
  9. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    More information about those crashes (which DLLs / other files are affected and where) could help.
  10. scorpion_1112

    scorpion_1112 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Wait, is ur problem completely solved?

    U said ur also system crashes when u try to play those files... and i asked if it happens for all AVI's or just Xvid and Divx?

    I have seen systems crashing just by highlighting the avi's, as u click once on them and windows tries to gather its details, system hangs/crashes. Wasnt that also ur problem?
  11. jps911

    jps911 TS Rookie

    I have the same problem...I can open the avi files in Windows Media Player and QuickTime, but in Explorer, just showing the AVI file name crashes Explorer. Thoughts?
  12. 1337Noob

    1337Noob TS Rookie

    well.. I Use winamp? try using the official Divx player or something.. if it still wont work, completly uninstall divx and re-install.. if it does'nt work after that, well, you probly have a virus or spyware and should invest in a better firewall in the near future.. then again, i suppose if you "abuse" the power of the internet like over 70% of the people probly do, then your just gunna get an oversized paperweight soon anyway.. regardless of how good your firewall is.
  13. Janes

    Janes TS Rookie Posts: 63

  14. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    caused by either or both of two things: bad video file or some screwed up explorer settings.

    To fix the explorer bit, if you use preview/thumbnails then disable it or if you can't, go to Start>Run and type in regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll hit OK.

    There are some methods that have been given in the previous posts on a workaround to this problem, just have to take the time to read them thoroughly. But note if the original file is corrupt there's not much you can do except to try and repair it or replace it..

  15. jps911

    jps911 TS Rookie

    That codec link did the trick! Thanks!
  16. Janes

    Janes TS Rookie Posts: 63

    no worries!
  17. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    I use the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack but that one works too.
  18. Viperman

    Viperman TS Rookie

    I have a similar problem.

    I installed a whole load of codecs to play HDTV files, along with VLC Player, Media Player Classic, CoreAVC codec, etc. But now I can't play uncompressed avis in Windows Media Player 10 (which reports that it's unable to find a codec - obviously it doesn't need one because the avi is uncompressed - I verified this using GSpot). They play in the other players but I prefer Windows Media Player...

    I've also just reinstalled a Radeon 9800Pro and the drivers for this may have caused a problem.

    Rest of my system:
    Windows XP Pro
    Athlon 64 4000+
    1GB RAM

    Many thanks.


    Although nobody replied to my question I was very lucky to find the solution on my own.

    I uninstalled my CCCP codec pack and Windows Media Player can now recognise and play uncompressed avi files :D

    So I conclude that installing the CCCP codec pack MAY prevent Windows Media Player 10 from recognising uncompressed avi files...

    I hope this information is useful to others.


    I reinstalled CCCP Codec Pack but without selecting Media Player Classic and Zoom Player (I already have the standalone version of Media Player Classic). I chose to keep my existing settings.

    I also reinstalled CoreAVC and Haali Media Splitter and still no problems with Windows Media Player 10 playing uncompressed avi files...

    The only thing that I think may be different from before I uninstalled CCCP is that ffdshow video codec now has priority over CoreAVC when playing avi files.
  19. N1Hawk

    N1Hawk TS Rookie Posts: 222

    Video Lan's Player will play almost everything!
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