Ayumi: How to switch user in Win XP

By ayumilove
Dec 13, 2005
  1. hi guys

    i have a problem which is unable to switch user without closing any programs
    As we know, windows xp have a switch user feature which allows 2 logon methods:-

    -The Welcome Screen (Displays pictures of users)
    -The Classic Logon Prompt (Displays the active user) + requires password

    Below is a screenshot

    I want to change the classic logon prompt to welcome screen

    everytime i want to change user, it moves me to this CLASSIC and tells me
    that i need to UNLOCK the computer. And the only person can unlock is
    the admin or the person who just used it.

    And when i put in the admin/active user password, it leaves a message:-
    Are you sure you want to log off? All data will not be saved!
    (This means all programs will be closed and no data is saved: MSWord close
    And after i click it, it is like logging off from the active user.
    the switching user is JUST THE SAME as log off user permanently

    - I WANT the programs to be open even though i change user!!!!

    Sigh please help
    I know pros here can help me!!!

    Im very frusrated since the pros solution unable to help me much for my
  2. ayumilove

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    sorry if i said bump too long because it requires me to make 10 words inside this post
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