[B]Overheating PC[/B]

By darby26
Sep 29, 2005
  1. Hi,

    First off...I am no techie so any replies need to be in plain english..lol :eek:

    I am having trouble with my PC overheating. My CPU fan is working but I dont think it is working properly. Everything is fine while I have an everyday fan blowing on it.

    My PC also reboots all the time and I think that could be video card.

    System specs are:
    AMD Athlon1.34ghz
    512mb ram

    Video card:
    NVidia Riva
    TNT2 Model 64/64pro

    GA 75748 K7 Triton
    Winfast Delron 12v ac Fan

    If I need to buy a new heatsink and fan...what sort do I buy?...I have looked on ebay and all that has done is confuse me..lol. What would be a good, cheap vid card to buy? I have been offered a 64mb GForce 4 MX400 3D card....what are they like?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    darby26 :D
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    you choice of video car ddepends on what you plan to sue it for, specifically.

    i'd say that yoy have a socket A (462) system and need to purchase a socket A hsf (the y are categorized by socket). if you ar eunsure of yourself i reccomend taking it into a shop or having a technician look at it, as you may accidentally cause serious damage (lots of people do).
  3. Crimsonite

    Crimsonite TS Rookie

    Always try a new and better PSU with much higher power output first. Don't buy any cheap brands as their actual power output is usually 40~55% lower than what they advertise.

    An underpowered or cheap PSU struggles to meet the system's power demand and can cause excessive heat inside the case. And since there's not enough power that would cause some power-hungry devices to run at super low performance or even fail, hence the reboots and crashes. Another important note is that cheap PSU's can blow up and cause some serious havoc when they are overloaded or simply just too hot.
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