Back up's and Suppressors

By boeingfixer
Mar 18, 2002
  1. Back up's and Suppressors What you should Know

    Hey all,

    I am going to replace my power strip and back-up soon. I have not done this in 5 years and my back-up will not suppy any power to the pc in case of failure.

    Now I had this post earlier and no one back posted. So I ask you to please read.

    Nobody wants to address these two devices but they are a must for all of our computers. WHY ?? Becase just one lightning strick (and it doesn't have to be a direct one, I kow this from experiance) can do minor damage to your PC's if you are lucky, or it can fry your whole system.

    Now as I said, I am purchasing a new one from trip lite, this one is a new product and does everything I and you should need for protection. It has 8 outlets, 3 are for big power supplies, phone, RJ-45, and cable hook-ups.

    Now before you roll your eyes, ask yourself if that cheap power strip comes with a no hassle, $100,000 lifetime warrenty ??

    If you would like to see this one, please follow the link. But even if you don't, at least get a good one that covers your system !!

    Triplite article
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