backdoor.nthack parallel install

By sicarius
Sep 6, 2002
  1. Has anyone ever tried this? I am confused how to access the original hive from the parallel install? Or if you have most things backed up if it wouldnt be better to just reinstall? I have read the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q294728 but am wondering if it is not more trouble than it is worth. I am not getting this screen anymore but instead the error

    "the login user interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load"

    "contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL"

    I fixed this! Even though I got all the errors that MS says I should get on backdoor.nthack I could not find the files it was supposed to load through the recovery console. So I dowloaded the msgina.dll file. The first one worked but was in Arabic and made logging in interesting. There were two out there so I tried the second one. Worked like a charm. Full scans and no virus. Checked the registry and no changes. Somehow I just creamated the msgina.dll while burning a cd while downloading several files. I am still curious about that parralel install stuff however. I bet I get to try it on a NT or WIN2k server one of these days.

  2. thewolfe

    thewolfe TS Rookie Posts: 238

    I have a friend who can't boot up because the MSGINA.DLL file is missing. She has XP home.

    Any ideas?
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