Backing up Raptors

By deandownunder
Mar 9, 2005
  1. I have read through many posts here but have failed to find a definitive answer to my question. I am considering the purchase of two 76G Raptors to use in a raid but am worried about data security. My mobo, GA-81PE1000 Pro will support SATA0, SATA1 but I was wondering if I could use Drive Image to mirror the raid to an 80G IDE "backup only" drive in case of failure of one of the SATA drives. After repair/replace/format could I then restore everything back to the Raid. If this is not feasible then I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Dean.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Yes, this will work.
  3. deandownunder

    deandownunder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Nodsu for taking the time to read my question. I just wanted to make sure before I laid out the bucks. This is really an excellent forum. Cheers, Dean.
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