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  1. Today, my friend Frank and I decided that we were not going to play football next year. Of course to us thats no big deal, since we don't honestly enjoy the sport anyway, yet I go to a football school were the only sport that matters is football. Our coaches hate all basketball or baseball people.

    So when I'm heading to my acc-lab, the main coach comes up to me and says "Charlie, you know if you don't make the basketball team next year I'll kick you out of Athletics." I'm not afraid of not making the team.

    Later after the work out (we have athletics first period each day) my good friend Frank walks into the Coaches office. Probably to find a towel or to get a drink. Immediatley the door behind him locks and four coaches surround him. The begin to yell at him for not playing football, repeating such things as "I could have seen you a starting line-backer" or "Football makes you a better person".

    Basically a bunch of crap to try and make him play next year. Infact even the head basketball coach was there. He, the head basketball coach, stated that he loves basketball and only likes football. Still he wanted Frank to play.

    Why are our coaches so bias. We care about Basketball, not football should we be punished for our passion?

    EDIT: Just this morning, I brought my basketball to school so before athletics I could play a pick up game with some friends. My and my pal go into the gym, start playing some ball. I make a couple of long shots, coach Boatright (Football/Head Basketball Coach). He asked where I got the ball, I said I brought it from home. He respond "Cool", so he turns the lights on for us. One minute later coach Haire, walks in and flips out. "Your not supposed play basketball! Don't bring that ball again!". I should've said coach Boatright said we could play.
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    Maybe they have your welfare in mind (though from a previous post of yours, I doubt it).

    It might be best to change schools.

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