Bad Graphics Card???

By JaxomWolfe
Apr 24, 2005
  1. Alright this is my problem about my graphics card (GeForce 5700 LE)

    About a month ago i took my graphics card out because i thought it wasn't working because it was giving me an FPS of 25 or lower. So i put my old card in (5200) and it was working just fine unless i wanted to play CS:S (some maps it can't handle).
    well i got curious one day and i took my 5700 and put it into my dads computer and it runs just fine (like it is supposed to) the upper 80's & 90's...So that is when i put the card back into my comp (just curiosity) and it still gives me 20 or lower on my computer. Me and my dad are running the same drivers also. Now I am curious why it is dong this...My computer specs off the top of my head (I am at work at the moment)

    My Computer
    AMD 64 3200+
    512 of RAM (3200)
    XP HOME running on it

    Dads Computer
    AMD XP 2700 (I think)
    512 of RAM (2700)
    XP PRO running on it

    Any ideas would be helpful...


  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    state your motherboards' types and specs.
  3. Secondgunman

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    Yah without motherboard spec there is not alot any one can say. I would be looking at problems with the motherboard or BIOS settings if you are into overclocking I would refrain from that and stay with the speed the CPU was marked for if you need more power get a better chip... It would not hurt to do this; reset your Bios ot defalt and then put your setting back the way you like them ONE at a time booting into windows after each change and doing a bunch of stuff or trying to at least, play a game, use internet explorer, run a program or two and so-on if this wont help make sure your drivers are all upto date because a driver works on one comuter will not mean the driver will work the same way on another. I had two computers that were the very same in every way and one would not run there newest video drivers but had to be one driver older then the other computer... this claered up after about the second BIOS upgrade so Aopen was aware of this... by the way don't buy Aopen MoBos I have gone to Asus almost 100% as I have yet to have a problem that was not H.A.U.C. (Hardware Above Users Capibilities) or P.A.B.C.A.K. (Problem Arises Between Chair And Keyboard). There are other posibilities to this but they are not coming to mind at this time... Good luck :grinthumb
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