Bad Mobo or RAM?

By severe
Jun 15, 2006
  1. whats going on,
    wondering if anyone has any extra insight for me on a problem.

    new pc built a few months ago. to shorten this a bit, i ended up testing my ram with memtest86 and a windows based memtest. i cant figure out if the problem is the ram or the slots/mobo.

    say we have chip x and chip y
    and slots a1, a2, b1, b2
    chip x works in all slots no errors with memtest86, yet shows an error with the windows memtest
    chip y works shoots 10k+ errors at the end of test 5 @ 98% on slots a1 & a2. shows no errors on slot b1 or b2.
    chip x in slot a1 & chip y in slot b1 (this is the dual channel configuration for the mobo) test 5 @ 98% about 3-4k errors.

    so basically im stuck with
    a: changing the chip makes a difference
    b: changing the slot the chip is in also makes a difference

    i was also getting event id 1003 but im not sure if its because of a large pagefile, that i just changed recently.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Anyway you can test in another system?

    My initial guess is its the motherboard. Memtest86 outside of the OS should be the most trusted of the 2 (the other being the test in windows). So if it shows up fine for chip x then I'd say its a good module.

    How are the connections on the ram? You could try cleaning them with some high percentage isopropyl alcohol (higher than 80%).
  3. severe

    severe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    unfortunately i cannot test the ram in another system since no one i know has a system that will support the 667 sticks, i may borrow my brothers ram sticks though and test them on my system, however currently, and after discussing with a networking guru coworker of mine, im leading to believe that since chip x works in all slots, chip y is causing the problems...

    i actually had the mobo RMA'ed to asus, i likely tested it initially with chip y and my immediate conclusion was the mobo is bad because the results change with different slots.they re-updated the bios (same version i had updated it with), ran whatever test they run and concluded there was no faults in the mobo.

    although without knowing exactly what they did im kinda skeptical on their validity.

    ill try cleaning the connectors as a last result, they all look in mint condition though.

    thnx for the reply btw.
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