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Bad Monitor? Video Card? Motherboard?

By PatentGuy ยท 7 replies
Aug 11, 2004
  1. I have a 4 year old Dell 386 desktop system. Yesterday the monitor suddenly went "gray". I can still see images - I'm using it now to write this - but dark colors continue across the screen and everything is "dimmed." How do I tell if the monitor or the video card (nvidia GE Force 2 MX) or the motherboard is bad? I have replaced the video card drivers with no effect.
  2. $oulo

    $oulo TS Rookie Posts: 74

    Swap out the vid card and if nothing then try a different monitor.
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You could try the contrast/brightness controls on the monitor..
  4. PatentGuy

    PatentGuy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. paulgrub1

    paulgrub1 TS Rookie

    Dell Dimension 8100..PATENT GUY

    Hi, I'm having the exact same problem...Did you figure out what it is? My monitor is fine so mine is an inside problem. Please help!!!
  6. VBSmiles

    VBSmiles TS Rookie

    ugh, I've been messing around for about a week now with my own problem
    First the screen started doing lines across the screen. My first thought is my $1000 19 inch lcd display was a piece of junk. To fix the problem temporarily I have changed the monitor settings to brighten it up.Now my 3d games and applications are starting to act up. And without errror messages.( and I have a debug version as a programmer in directX )

    I tryed reinstalling and updating the monitor drivers...
    I tryed reinstalling the video drivers.
    I even thought maybe reinstalling the directX may solve the problem to retail, and back to debug version, and the dx utility shows no indication of problems.. other then the tests itself show incorrectly..
    That started getting me thinking more... We have an extra computer in the house. so I hooked my monitor to that... and it worked wonderfuly, not a single problem

    With checking all these, the only thing left is the video card itself.( geforce2 GTS )
    I've seen many posts that say to attempt a reset of the card. I will problably do that sometime today but it's not looking to promising. Even still it will give me a chance to clean out all the dirt.

    maybe this information will be of use to others with a simular problem.
  7. Worry_alot

    Worry_alot TS Rookie

    hey man i have an old dell monitor too and my monitor showed the colors with all different tints of blue. What i did was i twisted the end of the wire that connects to tower from the monitor until the colors were back to normal and while twisting the wire sometimes the colors where red or gray too..so i dun know if this will help but it doesnt hurt to try.
  8. Dave

    Dave TS Rookie

    I also have the same monitor problem - horizaltal lines and poor contrast. I also tried changing the monitor but had the same problem. Gateway suggested updating the driver but that did not help either. I'm now at a loss.

    How does one reset the video card????
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