Bad Video Card?

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Feb 28, 2005
  1. Hey all, Im running Windows XP Pro on a machine with these specs:

    P4 2.4
    1 gig ram
    NVidia Geforce 4 Ti-4200 8XAGP
    Viewsonic LCD VG800 Monitor

    The problem is with the monitor, or it might be the video card. Its not as sharp as other computers in this office here and sometimes flickers. I tried updating and reinstalling the video card driver with no luck. It seems as if you see a blurry line (the edge of a program box or something) and you move it, it gets sharper, as if every other horizontal lines of pixels are blurry. Its hard to explain, i wish I could show a picture. It seems its the video card, any idea? I was told it wasnt the monitor as its been swapped out for another with the same problem. Thanks for all the help!
  2. SNGX1275

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    My first guess was the monitor, but if it was swapped with a known good one and the problem was still there then its not the monitor. I also don't believe its the video card, but it could be.

    My suggestions:
    Try a different resolution.
    Look for sources of intereference. Speakers, electrical wiring running very close to the monitor cable, cordless phones, ect.
  3. UnluckyNelson

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    Sometimes just finding the drivers for the monitor itself helps, so that it can set itself to the right frequencies....

    ... or you could play a bit of trial and error to find it your self

    display properties / settings / advanced / adapter / list all modes...

    (Sometimes your monitor has a sticker at the back with the right frequency labeled there.)

    Good luck...

    (Oh yeah, with lcd monitors you get exactly the same problem you described if you have a too low resolution set for it... having a 640x480 res interpolated to a 17" (1024x768 recommended) would cause the monitor's pixels to do that)
  4. shadow_29

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    this sounds like an issue with the refresh rate,it can cuse the screen to flicker and show signs of 'pixelation' on the edges.
  5. mobkon

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    Ok so i updated the monitor driver itself (its a VX900 not an 800 like i had previously stated). The resolution was set something odd like 1100 something so i changed it to 1280X1024 with a refresh rate of 75htz. Is this right? It looks better, more crisper and not as blurry, but i didnt notice any flicker (but this usually comes and goes every 10-15 mins maybe more or less). Any specific settings I should have set for my specific video card/monitor? Thanks again guys
  6. shadow_29

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    you might want to try 60hz as the refresh rate.while the resolution depends on your choice.
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