Battery Failure??????

By Luda-Chris
Mar 5, 2006
  1. Hey Guys I have a problem with my Laptop. HP Pavilion zv5120us Notebook PC.

    It cut off one night when I was asleep. I'm assuming maybe the battery died. The Power Chord was pluged into so I dunno. Now it won't turn on, but when I have just the battery in and I hit the power button. If you listen closley you can hear something inside the Laptop Turn on. Not sure what it is, maybe HD fan? Now when I plug the Power Chord into the Laptop the noise Stops. And when I unplug it, the noise starts up again. Also when I take the battery out the noise stops. And I can put the battery back in and the noise doesn't come on until I hit the power button again. Is there Something Wrong with my Power Jack? Is my battery just not accepting a charge? I don't really want to go spend 150 dollars on a new battery. Anyone have an idea of whats wrong? Thanks in Advance.
  2. Tedster

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    power chord? (does it play a tune?) I assume you mean cord!

    Laptop batteries need to discharge. Don't leave a laptop plugged in all the time. Discharge your battery fully at least a few times a month. If your computer runs without the battery on AC, the battery is most likely dead. Leaving a computer plugged in all the time "cooks" the battery and shortens battery life. Laptop batteries are meant to be exercised.

    You can buy generic batteries cheap. (although it might void your warranty if you still have one.)
  3. Luda-Chris

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    As of right now my Computer doesn't even run at all. All it does is make some kind of fan noise when i turn it on. even when connected to AC power it won't turn on. Maybe it's an AC Jack problem but I took the thing completely apart and nothing looks wrong with my AC jack. All is in tact and no burn marks. Everything is still connected. I'm not sure why it won't turn on.
  4. Luda-Chris

    Luda-Chris TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Do you think Removing the CMOS Battery for a few mins would maybe fix the problem? I'm not sure what the thing does so I don't know but I've read on some other posts they talk about doing that when people have boot problems.
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