Battlefield 2 Disconnections

By harrisdurrani
Jul 25, 2005
  1. Hello folks

    I have a slight problem...I downloaded the Latest battlefield 2 patch 1.2 hotfix but i get disconnected after playing for like 8 to 9 minutes.. the game works smooth than slowly starts to lag and than gets disconnected even though my in game ping is 60 to 85 and says connection problems

    I am using a wireless connection but its pretty fast round about 2175 kbps download speed and 270 upload speed... i play other games online like call of duty , far cry, chaos theory and they all work fine..
    Does any one know the solution

  2. stompya

    stompya TS Rookie

    What message do you get when it happens?Quite often disconnections are happening because of punkbuster not being able to update.I had continuous connection interrupts until I changed my pagefile size,seems bf2 was using my pf b4 my physical ram,once I reduced my pf from 1024 min/max to 350 min/max,connection interrupts stopped,game stopped thrashing my hard drive and ran smooth as silk.That is on a pc with 1 gig ram,I have another with 2 gig ram and no pagefile,game runs fine on that.
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