battlefield 2 v1.2 problems

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Aug 15, 2005
  1. hello.....i recently updated battlefield to 1.2 and now i've got a big problem because the game won't start. when I start the game the screen just goes blank and crashes back to my desktop....everythink worked fine until i updated bf2 to 1.2......i've got a GeFORCE FX 5600 xt but i really think the graphics isn't a problem because it worked fine before i updated bf2....please HELLLP!!
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Dude. EVERYONE is having problems with BF2. They released a buggy game in a big hurry, then released a buggy patch to make things worse.
  3. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra TS Rookie

    Same Problem after BF2 1.3 thread

    Great: I've got the same Problem now after installing patch 1.3
    Strange enough: I was able to run it once after installing the patch. Now, suddenly it does not start any more (screen turns black for a short while, programm quits).

    Did any solution pop up yet?
  4. henryhynd

    henryhynd TS Rookie

    Same issue after both upgrades

    i've had exactly the same issue after having updated to 1.02 and 1.03 (not consecutively). i've tried a few things that i've read on otehr forums like deleting the bf2 folder in My Documents, reinstalling (god knows how many times) etc...

    sorry i can't be of any help, i'm waiting for an answer too

    help appreciated,
  5. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    well i can't even install 1.03. it says i aint got enough hdd space on my harddrive. but the harddrive the game is installed on has got about 50gb free... i don't know why it keeps looking at my system drive. is there anyway to change it?
  6. henryhynd

    henryhynd TS Rookie


    i've been doing a lot of hunting in forums today and i think i've seen a solution to your problem somewhere... well two that would probably work actually.

    1) try searching google with strings like "bf2 won't start 1.03 installshield"
    if you see a thread somewhere that mentions changing your installshield directory then i think that would work out for you... sorry can't find the actual thread again

    2) if ound this one too, but i actually remembered where this one was:

    all you have to do is proceed through the patch installation until the point at which you choose your language. Select english click next

    now browse your way to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp and look through the folders with curly paranthesis. Here you will find the patch files without the crappy windows front-end. copy these files to your battlefield2 istall directory and run patch.exe

    -ta da":

    hope i've been of some help buddy

    good luck... pitty mine still don't work
  7. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    i think the problem must be with patch 1.02.... i installed that patch and straight away BF2 did wat yours done. the 1.03 patch must fix this or something... dono? maybe it was a bum patch that we all downlooaded....? :confused:
  8. henryhynd

    henryhynd TS Rookie

    mine is the same with 1.03 dude... try those techniques is mentioned b4 and see what happens... i think my problem is osmething else altogether
  9. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra TS Rookie

    Possible solution

    I've got mine working. The problem wasn't actually the patch but my display: if the graphics card or the screen do not support the settings 'my documents\battlefield2\Profiles\Default\Video.con' it just crashes without further notice (very nice exception handling here, bf2 programmers!). The solution is to change the file manually or just delete it.

    Maybe the patches render some settings invalid that had been working before- try to just delete the config files. Those aren't even removed when you reinstall the game, you have to do it manually!
  10. henryhynd

    henryhynd TS Rookie

    thanks for the input, it would make sense that that is the prob, i've always thought that it was video card related... BUT your advice don't seem to work. could you email me a copy of your Video.con file for reference zarathustra?

    send to

    cheers mate
  11. Akio

    Akio TS Rookie Posts: 249

    Yes I must agree with you DonNagual. I've heard of many problems with this game, but I myself haven't ran into that many. Just a few small ones that I could be fixed easily... but their is the big "bug" (Not quite sure what's going on) that won't let me set my settings to high. But out of own curiousity, when was this patch released? I have no clue what mine is at but it runs perfectly fine.
  12. TBolt

    TBolt TS Rookie Posts: 65

    Hmmm...sorry to just chime in on this thread but I too have a similar issue with BF2 only it is with the downloaded demo today from the EA website (I believe it is version 1.0.2446.12). What the game is doing is dumping me back to my desktop when it has loaded about halfway through a server connection. I have been able to change my settings, establish an account, but have not been able to connect to a multi or single player game / server...I unexpectedly and with no error message am booted back to my desktop. Is this the same issue as others have had and if so, is the fix the same considering this is the demo? I wanted to check out the demo before purchasing the game to determine whether or not to purchase.

    Thanks for any input and "good game" :D
  13. Bolsontanker82

    Bolsontanker82 TS Rookie

    isn't an update supposed to make things work better?

    I have a similar problem upon trying to start after the 1.12 update. Mine goes to a black screen and then goes to a lighter black screen and hangs. I have to ctrl-alt-delete and end task to get it to stop. I have tried leaving it on over night even just to see if it would eventually load with no luck. I have an ATI AIW 9600XT with 128mb of vid-ram. My computer has an AMD athlon xp 2700+ and 1.5gb of corsair xms. I have a gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 (Rev 1.x) with the most recent bios available. This game worked great on my computer prior to the update, and now after the update nothing but freezing up. I've tried backing my AGP down from 8x to 4x as well as changing the write combining and fast-write settings to no avail. Any suggestions out there? :mad: EA :knock:
  14. bEDwEtTeR

    bEDwEtTeR TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Hi all,,
    well it's no surprise we've got problems with bf2...however it does work for most so lets nail this down.
    My experience has been with this game anyway, I would start the game and then bammo right back to the desktop.
    This is what i tried and it worked for me.
    #1 Install/update latest SOUND drivers. this helped alot(S.B. Audigy 2)
    #2 Install window MicroSoft .Net Framework 2.0 (via windows update)
    please replie if this helped Or Not.
  15. Telly47

    Telly47 TS Rookie

    One solution I had found for the game not being able to connect to a server was my Zonelabs firewall just started blocking the program without warning. I had to go to BF2 icon, right click, properties, change FULLSCREEN 1 to FULLSCREEN 0 to run the game in a window. Then I could see the firewall securtiy popup come on, told it to let the game connect and that fixed ONE of the many problems. Dont know if this helps but its worth a shot.

    P4 3.0
    6600GT AGP
    1gig Ram
    430 Watt PSU
  16. Closed

    Closed TS Rookie

    I had the exact same problem, and what worked for me is enabling DirectDraw Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration in DirectX and downloading the latest drivers for both my soundcard and graphics card.

    Although simply updating your graphics card drivers may work so you might wanna just try that first.
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