Battlefield 2 Wont Span To Dual Monitors

By steyr223
Mar 19, 2006
  1. i need to know how to make
    bf2 open on a dual screen setup?

    my 2 monitors span perfectly up to and to include the
    battlefeild 2 title
    but then kicks to only one(primary) screen

    i'm only using nvidias nview desktop software
    and have not attempted any 3rd party
    so if some one could help me i'd really appreciate it
    amd 64 3200@2.4Mhz
    1.5gb ram
    gfx 5700ve video card
    catalina sound card
    saitek x52,logitech g15,mx610,momo
    e-d 3d glasses,naturalpoints irtracker,voice buddy recognition
    usb headset w mic
    old 21" hyunda monitor and 20" ezc at 1024x768
    winxp pro 32bit
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    From Multi-monitor FAQ

    Span mode (also called stretched mode): in this mode, all the monitors connected to a single video card form a single large monitor. Windows thinks that you are using a single monitor instead of 2 or more, and each monitor needs to use the same resolution and color depth settings, and usually also the same refresh rate.
    This mode is mainly useful for forcing applications which have no native multi-monitor support to use all available monitors. For example most games will only run on the primary monitor, and in span mode all monitors form a single large primary monitor.
    When using span mode, Display Properties will usually show the primary monitor running at a widescreen resolution, for example 2048x768 (2 monitors at 1024x768 each), with the secondary monitor disabled.

    To enable video card-specific multi-monitor modes, you usually need to disable the secondary monitor(s) connected to the video card, then open advanced display properties for the primary monitor, select the video card manufacturer's custom settings tab and select the multi-monitor mode you want to use.

    For more on the multi-monitor modes supported by the various video card manufacturers, take a look at one of the following reviews: ATI review , Matrox review , Nvidia review .
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