Battlefield 2142 join screen yellow?

By Cougar125
May 27, 2007
  1. Problem: After map loads and I hit the join button, my screen turns bright yellow and does not change.
    Has anybody else had this happen to them and know why it happens?
    I have not had this problem before on this machine and I have never had them on my laptop.

  2. comando cop

    comando cop TS Rookie

    Hang in.....maybe

    Hello, I have been having the same problem with battlfiel 2142, 2, and speacial forces (vietnam works). I am currently talking to EA (wich I have been for about a month now) to see how to fix this. Non of them really seem to know but it finally got sent to the head person up there and he is now working the case. As soon as I find how to fix it i'll post it. Good Luck
  3. comando cop

    comando cop TS Rookie

    I got it!

    Hey again I was messing around with the game for a few hours and it works under low detail settings. There not that great and I am gonna contact Nvidia and Ea still but its a start. If this does not work for you e-mail me at
  4. Cougar125

    Cougar125 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had to turn all the video options to high settings and the dynamic ones to low. It sees to be working awesome now.
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