BBC JS source... made me giggle.

By Spike
Jun 22, 2005
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  1. I'm (perhaps doing something I shouldn't) trying to download a video clip from the BBC, containing a news story on the midsummer solstice at Stone Henge and Glastonbury.

    I'm not asking for help with this, as I'm not entirely sure if what I'm trying to do is in a bit of a grey area or not. I'm just looking to see if the media I'm being fed from the BBC is badly compressed, or whether it's the transmission of it that's causing it to be jerky and difficult to watch. No - the reason for this post is to share just one line I found quite amusing in the BBC Audio/Video player console JavaScripts...

    Do web developers leave these comments in their code for their own amusement, or for people like me? lol

    edit: I no loger have to do it the dubious way, I've found a perfectly legal and public means of getting the file URL :). It was worth looking though, just for the laugh!

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