Become a certified Cisco engineer with this training bundle

By TS Dealmaster
Sep 16, 2016
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  1. In the world of networking hardware, Cisco leads the industry in manufacturing and design. As a result, its networking certifications are essential for moving up in the field. With the Cisco Associate Certification Training Bundle, you can prepare to pass several Cisco networking certification exams for just $79.

    Packed with 11 courses, this collection will give you comprehensive training in network installation, security, maintenance, and more. You’ll learn how to design networks fit for businesses big and small, and you’ll get training on how to detect network weaknesses before hackers exploit them.

    When you complete the course bundle, you’ll be ready to tackle 11 certification exams and pursue a career in networking environments. The Cisco Associate Certification Training Bundle retails for over $7,000, but with the current offer you take 90% off and get it for just $79.

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