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Jul 9, 2003
  1. I'm having a problem with my Ti4400. The thing works but if I have to restart the computer, I will get this loud annoying beep every boot thereafter. I have no idea as to why. The card is a PNY TI 4400. I'm using Nvidia drivers. I even went as far as upgrading the power supply to a 4?0 watt hoping that would be plenty of power. If anyone as any suggestions or ideas, they would be appreciated. Thanks

    I also forgot to mention that my computer is a PIII 1.2 on an Asus Tusl2-c

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    Please do not double post as it just clutters up the boards.

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    I hope we can solve your problem soon, and you stick around to help others ;)

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    Are you sure this isnt the motherboard beeping during post? It'll beep if the videocard isnt pluged in all the way, or if theres no videocard at all. So be sure its pushed down all the way, it may seem as if its in, but be sure it really is all the way down ;)

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    when your machine starts beeping are you able to get past post and enter windows?
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    lol, no your not, I dont believe. So your PC just sits there beeping? 1 solution I just thought was, yank the speaker of the mobo :grinthumb
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