Benchmark05/Harddrives and fps!

Jul 27, 2005
  1. A while back I was using a nvidia 5700le and having a few problems with heat on games like HL2 and far cry.

    I had a new cpu put in(pent 3.2),I have 1.5 g of ram.I have also put a 6600 256mb card in.The games run/look great.Where my old FPS where 5 -15 fps on delta force extreme they are now up to 60-70fps.

    I ran 3dbenchmark05 and with the old 5700 scored 404? :confused: run it with the new 6600 and still only scored about 2700?why such a low score?

    All my drivers are up to date.The reason I can see is my harddrive,windows and all my important programs are on my maxtor C drive(18gb,28% free),all my games and other stuff are on my D:drive(80gb 70%free).would this give me any problems?

    also my new processor has a big glaztech fan(silent but about the size of a beer can,but my cpu temp still runs at 55-61 when gaming,too hot?

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    Any One?

    Any ideas?
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