BeOS avaiable anymore?

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Feb 8, 2002
  1. Was checking out the new forum page and saw BeOS under alternative. Reminded me about BeOS so I went to and apparently its old news but they are dead now pretty much with Palm, Inc. taking it from them.
    Then with a Google search I came across and read that page long thing and I really didn't understand.
    Is there going to be a yellowtab release of it? Is that legal? I remember a while back there was a version for free that you could download and run on your windows partition, is there any places anyone knows of that still has that? I had it once but fried my HD and no longer have it.
  2. ss1

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    I recently still was able to download it from :).

  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Yellowtab is going to release R5.0.3 Pro with some 3rd party software like Opera with it. Other than that, you can still get used versions from eBay and the like. OpenBeOS is under progress. A leaked experimental release, R5.1d0 aka Dano, was available for a while in the Net but apparently it's been removed. It has BONE (BeOS Networking Environment) and (broken) hardware OpenGL, new Media Kit, new app_server plus some other things. Check for more info.
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    So you got the free one, Personal Edition? It should be available on many places, for Windows and Linux. It'll make a 500M image on top of existing partition, without deleting the old operating system.
  5. mrbig

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    You cant downloa BeOS Dano here:

    Download the Boot Disk, when boot loader started press space bar and select boot from CD-ROM, the rest is history

    Good luck!

    Please reply!

    Mr. Big
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