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Feb 26, 2008
  1. Hi all. I had a thread open having thought that i was going to get my 8800 gtx water cooled but i have to buy a new power supply because my present one isnt doing good.

    So instead of a water block for my 8800 gtx i need some advice on an excellent air cooler for my gtx something that will cool the card down quite abit so any suggestions i would apreciate it.

    Also im getting artic silver 5 thermal paste and i am planning to apply it to my 8800 gtx becaus the one i have on now it sooo bad! 75 idle temps i am just wondering can i take of the stock thermal pads from the card at stick as5 on where the pads where. Thanks for the help all
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    thanks zeno i came across a cooler made by artic cooling and it apparently dominates any cooler. ive seen some tests and i am going to go for the Arctic cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800 cooler will hopefully have by friday will post results
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    Good choice, hope it fit's in your case.
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