Best Audio/Media Player?

Hi Everyone I am new here, 45 years old from Denmark, hobbies: PC & Audio.
What is in your opinion the best free or paid Audio/Media player for Windows.
Free: Aimp4,Foobar2000 & Musicbee in that order.
Paid: Audirvana Studio, JRMC & Roon in that order.
I have all the players that I speak off.

What player/players rock your world?


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I dumped all mine for Spotify. I love the integration with all my devices. The recommendation engine enables me to find bands and songs I wouldn't know about and Spotify is more accurate with this because they see what I am listening to. The concert notifications have been invaluable.

I used to be a die hard Winamp lover but I have used Foobar2000 and Musicbee
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I use PotPlayer because I have a Surface Book and it easier to adjust the video to full screen.