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Jul 17, 2006
  1. Hello! Based on your experience, which are the best brands for a DVD-RW drive?, because in the Past I had bad experiences with this kind of drives and I got tired for RMA's and refunds at the stores, The only brands that have worked really good for me is 1st Pionner and 2.- Sony, even tough this last one already have an exchange, every time I burn a DVD-video with a drive the results were a lot of skipping and sometimes even no play at DVD players, it's not the media because I always Use DVD-R (Sony,TDK, Memorex), always use same software (Nero and Clone DVD), please note that this has happened only on the Brands, Memorex, Toshiba, BTC and Emprex I'm not sure if this brands have poor quality drives or is something else, if it was my computer It will also happen with my Pionner DVR-A08, but this Drive has worked more than perfect for more than 2 years, unfortunately the life of the lens laser has lost it's power and is failing at the burning process, so it's time to get a new one, but I was wondering if any of you can recommend a very good optical drive besides Pionner and Sony, Thank you!
  2. SNGX1275

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    Plextor - Best
    Lite-On - Good

    Everything else, beware. Some other brands work brilliantly, but I think its a lot more of a crapshoot with them than it is with Plextor.
  3. iss

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    Plextor 716A, 750A, 760A, BenQ 1640, 1650 or any of the new LG models.

    Sony is hit or miss depending on the drive, TDK is spotty depending on whose Media they are rebranding, and Mermoex is garbage. Better media is Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or maxell.

    The Plextor and BenQ drives support bit setting, which tells a DVD player that the Burned disk is a DVD Rom which increses it's compaitablility with older stand alone players.
  4. i_am_a_newbie

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    I have an NEC. Cheap, effective, never ever had a problem with it.
  5. SNGX1275

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    My Plextor 740A works brilliantly.
  6. iss

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    Yes the Plextor 740 is an excellent drive. the reason I didnt list it with the plextor's is because it is actually a rebadged BenQ 1640. and the 740\1640 is hard to beat. I have Plextor's 708A, 712A, 716A and the 760A, but my BenQ 1640 is the best reader and the fastest ripper of all my drives.
  7. wolfram

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    And the best Lightscribe burner?
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Samsung is a good Lightscribe burner IMO. As for a DVDRW drive, LG offers inexpensive, excellent quality drives. Most of my friends have LG DVDRW drives and the model they use costs about 150 Dhs. here which is about $40. I have heard good things about NEC and Lite-On though too. Get whatever provides the best bang for ur buck.
  9. iss

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    The BenQ 1655 is a lightscribe burner, and an excellent drive. ( i personally have no use for lightscribe and consider it's disadvantages outweigh it's advantages. ie; media costs more, lightscribe fades over time and or fades when exposed to sunlight or bright light.) I have no expierience with samsung drives but I know that the LG drives are highly regarded.
  10. wolfram

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  11. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

  12. wolfram

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    Thank you a lot Iss. You're very helpful :)

    Thanks! :) :)
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