Best Buy open-box laptops: safe purchase?

I've had very mixed experiences buying open-box components from Microcenter but I've never bought an open-box laptop at all, or anything open-box from BB for that matter but I see some good deals on ob laptops that are tempting. Obviously I don't trust the "testing" done by the store to catch issues with returned items so if I do go the open-box route I plan on bringing a USB stick to do a quick stress test with FurMark & CPUz. Thoughts?

jonhason martin

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An open box indicates that the customer purchased it, opened it, and then returned it because they didn't like it. The Geek Squad will then inspect it, restore it, and repack it. As a result, you may be eligible for a 10% -30% discount, or even more, at the discretion of the manager.
Don't forget that you can still finance it, return it, and exercise all of your normal rights when purchasing a new box. As a result, if the open box laptop did not meet your expectations, return it and purchase another one. The open box may be scratched from time to time.
Personally, I only purchase open boxes. Any open box item was returned within 15-30 days at the end of the day.


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Well the first indicator of how safe it is is the warranty. If you get the same warranty as a new product Best Buy must have faith in it.