Best Buy to host PlayStation VR midnight launch events at 350 stores

Shawn Knight

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Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is scheduled to arrive in just a couple of weeks. Looking to cater to those that absolutely can’t wait any longer than humanly possible, Best Buy on Thursday said it will be hosting midnight launch events at around 350 of its stores across the country.

Shane Kitzman, Best Buy’s media relations leader, said in a post on the company’s corporate website that select stores will open their doors at 12:01 a.m. EDT on October 13. This trickles down across time zones moving from east to west, meaning stores in the Central time zone will open at 11:01 p.m., 10:01 p.m. for Mountain Time and 9:01 p.m. on the West Coast.

This seems like the best approach versus each time zone opening their stores at 12:01 local time, resulting in people on the East Coast getting the peripheral three hours ahead of gamers on the West Coast.

You can check out Best Buy’s Gaming Events page to find a store near you. As I quickly discovered, 350 stores sounds like a lot but depending on where you live, you may be out of luck. The closest late-night opening in my area, for example, is more than four hours and two states away.

Kitzman said there will be limited quantities of its VR gaming accessory at each Best Buy store nationwide the next day in the event you can’t get to an early opening. Of course, there’s also the far more convenient option of ordering online and having it delivered on launch day.

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Namey Mcname

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Greedy, evil Sony has locked in so many games as PSVR exclusives now that they are possibly posing a threat to the success of all VR. This is great for PSVR adopters. But it sucks for everybody else. I'm also surprised at the developers that so readily sold-out to Sony. I thought there was more integrity in this industry than that. Shared PC titles for Vive and Rift pose NO THREAT whatsoever to the PSVR because of the price points and the sea of Playstation loyalists and PS4 owners that will adopt the system. Nobody who has already acquired a Vive or Rift is going to get a PSVR unless they already have a PS4 and would likely have gotten the PSVR HMD sooner or later anyway, even without the exclusive titles. All of the money that they showered onto the developers to get their exclusives did far more harm than good. But Sony does not care because they are greedy and dysfunctional. I have no intention of adopting PSVR... EVER!. But I will likely adopt Xbox Scorpio and Hololens next year (or the year after).