Best choice souncard for external DAC

By Rastawolf
Jun 3, 2003
  1. Currently I use a SonicFury in 4 speaker mode with default output set to Front 1/2 (emulated) but with Winamp set to Rear 3/4 (emulated). This lets me siphon off internet radio to my hifi keeping everything else through the pc speakers. However the DAC on the SonicFury aint anywhere near as good as my Cambridge Audio Isomagic DAC which beckons me with an empty input :)

    As the Sonicfury doesnt have either TOSLINK or coax digital out :( Ive decided to either install a second souncard or (as Im planning other upgrades anyway) get an nForce mobo. I know my DAC will accept 44.1khz and 48khz (maybe even higher but Ive lost the manual so Im not sure :eek: ) but I dont need AC-3 passthrough or anything as my amp isnt an AV one.

    Any recommendations?
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